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  • I feed Seahorse Atlantic Kelp Care to all of my horses and they look, feel and perform great!

    Cian O'Connor, Irish Olympic Showjumping Bronze Medallist
  • Max was suffering from advanced arthritis and was having great difficulty walking and climbing steps. Max was taking tablets to try to ease the pain of the arthritis but they were not effective enough so we looked at sourcing an alternative solution to ease his pain.

    After hearing great reports from friends who had used Seahorse Atlantic Kelp Care both for horses and dogs we decided to see if it could help Max too. To our delight within a few weeks of using the Seahorse Atlantic Kelp Care, he is like a completely different animal.

    He has a lot more energy, is moving better, is in less pain and seems happier and more alert. We are delighted with the results and as a result we have started giving Kelp Care to our other pets also with good results.

    Brendan Lawton, Ireland
  • We tried Kelp Care on one of our horses and the results were very impressive. As a result of the outcome of the trial we have decided to include Kelp Care in the nutritional plan of the yard. 

    Our horses compete at the highest level and high quality nutrition is a vital starting point. We are delighted to have sourced such an excellent product as Kelp Care as the benefits are clearly visible to see.


    Michael and Patricia Ryan, Irish International Three Day Eventers
  • Just wanted to let you know how fantastic your Kelp Care is - my GSD was constantly scratching & biting himself, as well as shaking his head and having poorly ears all the time - after numerous (expensive) trips to the vets & courses of steroids, we were advised by Sophie at Scampers in Soham to try Kelp Care & within 24 hours he had stopped scratching & shaking - his skin/coat/nose/ears are now absolutely fine - we know this is due to the Kelp Care as we ran out and within 24 hours, again, he was back to square one - so thank you very much for an amazing product - cannot recommend it highly enough!!

    Emma Williams, England
  • It is my personal opinion that oral supplementation of this seaweed product has a positive effect on coat condition, lung function and digestion. One of the most promising effects of Seahorse Atlantic Kelp could be the anti-oxidant and immune supportive abilities.

    Henk offereins DVM, MRCVS, Member KNMvD
  • When we were sent a trial pack, Piers accidently left an open bag on his desk. Piers walked back into his office to find Norman (our Beauceron) helping himself to the open bag of Kelp Care, he absolutely loved it. Jackie, one of our Pet Care Advisors, had a very similar experience with her three cats at home, they went bonkers for it!

    Scampers Pet Superstore, UK
  • One of our hydrotherapy clients has a golden retriever with a bad skin condition which causes a dandruff type skin shed and now uses Kelp Care, my own dog has a very much improved coat texture since taking the same product.

    Animal Hydro Physiotherapy
  • I've been using Seahorse Atlantic on my arthritic Boxer - the difference is amazing after just two months. Even his coat is whiter and he now instigates play with my other dog (much to her bewilderment)!

    Corina Fitzsimons, Veterinary Nurse
  • For those of you who havent heard of it - Seahorse Atlantic make an amazing kelp product which is absolutely fantastic for both animals, also cats. It boosts the immune system, reduces eye gunk, helps prevent ulcers and cancer and in general just promotes a healthier animal!

    All my gang are on it and I really can't recommend this product enough for happy healthy animals! The product speaks for itself and I certainly wouldn't be putting my beloveds on something unless I knew it was the best out there!

    Oonagh O Brien, Ireland
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